Staff Policy Manual: for signature

This is to acknowledge my understanding, as a new or current member of the staff of My language skills, that I am entitled to access an authorized, updated electronic version of the My language skills Staff Policy Manual (“Manual“) promptly and free of charge at any time on the Company’s website through the world wide web ( I also know that access to the Manual is available to me, promptly and free of charge, upon request to my department head or upon request to the Company’s Human Resources. I understand that I am responsible for accessing the policies contained within the Staff Policy Manual and abiding by them as a condition of my employment/internship with My language skills. If I am covered by a collective bargaining agreement or employed as Academic staff, I understand that I should refer also to additional contractual documents.

I further understand that the Manual does now, and at all times during my employment with the Company in a staff position will, contain the sole and entire authorized Company representation to me as to the contribution and/or termination of my staff employment, and as to the other terms and conditions of staff employment referenced in the Manual, except for any writings signed by the President or his duly authorized designee and personally addressed to me.

I also understand that the Manual provides the sole and exclusive method for resolution of staff employment issues and claims raised by me or any other person concerning an adverse employment decision, or action (including but not limited to, termination or layoff from employment) the resolution of which may involve the application or interpretation of the Manual.


Signature of Employee


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