Mid internship trainee evaluation

Version 1

Managing self and personal skills

Being aware of own behaviour and mindful of how it has impact on others, enhancing personal skills to adapt professional practice accordingly: Organisational skills, Listening skills, Self-awareness, Communication skills, Reflective practice, Time management skills.

Finding innovative solutions

Taking a holistic view and working enthusiastically to analyse problems and to develop workable solutions. Identifying opportunities for innovation: Creativity, Persuasive, Pro-active, Networking skills, Broad perspective, Resourcefulness, Inquisitive, Analytical skills.

Embracing change

Being open to and engaging with new ideas and ways of working. Adjusting to unfamiliar situations, shifting demands and changing roles: Questioning skills, Flexibility, Adaptability, Positive, Open mindedness, Forward thinking, Influencing skills.

Using resources effectively

Identifying and making the most productive use of resources including people, time, information, networks and budgets: Organisational skills, Creativity, Networking skills, Numeracy, Delegation, Research skills, Analytical skills, Flexibility.

Providing direction

Enhancing your contribution to the organisation through an understanding of the bigger picture and showing commitment to organisational values: Enthusiasm, Communication skills, Broad perspective, Outward looking, Forward thinking.

Developing self and others

Showing commitment to own ongoing professional development. Supporting and encouraging others to develop their professional knowledge, skills and behaviours to enable them to reach their full potential: Communication skills, Delegation, Opportunistic, Supportive, Openness, Desire to learn, Institutional perspective.

Working with people

Working collaboratively with others in order to achieve objectives. Recognising and valuing the different contributions people bring to this process: Communication skills, Interpersonal skills, Diplomacy, Collegial, Empathy, Negotiation skills, Collaborative, Respectful.

Achieving results

Consistently meeting agreed objectives and success criteria. Taking personal responsibility for getting things done: Project & Time management, Negotiation & Communication skills, Resilience, Prioritising, Goal setting, Pro-active approach.